Multi use case hybrid ecosystem

Regiment.Finance is a community driven initiative bring hybrid DeFi games alongwith farming which provides constant rewards for holders

RTF is a hybrid coin which involves deflationary burn of 1% on each txn and inflationary minting through farming thus balancing the total supply

Regulated Minting

RTF farming has stable and normal emission rate which ensures that supply doesn’t increase drastically and the circulation is kept steady. While the farming participants reap rewards the 1% burn on each Txn balance the minting and encourage scarcity.


The RTF ecosystem enables RTF holders to farm on the platform. Having a standard APR which ensures no dump from rewards and mixed with the deflationary supply is dump proof from farming participants.


The fundamental backing to the ecosystem and harbinger of the RTF popularity. Regiment.Finance brings you RTF backed games where you can challenge your friends, win NFTs, daily prizes, livestream your game play and lot more. Combined with RegiPad and Gaming RTF aims to be the one stop destination for all gamers around the world.


Initial Minting: 1,200,000 RTF

  1. Presale: 750,000 RTF 
  2. Pancakeswap Liquidity: 375,000 RTF 
  3.  Team Token: 50,000 RTF (100% Burned)
  4. Marketing Token: 25,000 RTF (80% Burned)


  • Launch of RTF ecosystem with farming, gaming  available from day 1 instantly after pre-sale.

May 2021

  • Coingecko Listing.
  • CoinMarketCap Listing.
  • Growth and Development

Q2 2021

  • RTF Integrated Games
  • Community Growth
  • RTF backed competitions

Q3 2021

  • Mobile Games.
  • Gaming Community.
  • More to come..

Q4 2021

Frequently asked questions

RTF can be bought on Pancakeswap. Kindly click here

Yes, RTF is the native token of the ecosystem and will be used in everything from Gaming to Farming.

We aim provide a stable and immersive platform to RTF holders where they can farm and stake their tokens with our hybrid mechanism as well as one stop destination for high quality web based games where they can show their skill and wins lots of rewards.

Yes, RTF has been audited by auditor Solid.

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